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Sound and Vibration Instrument Hire and Calibration

Environmental Noise and Noise Nuisance Monitoring


Our Noise Monitoring Section lists the wide range of instruments we hire for all noise monitoring surveys.

Outdoor Microphone

This page lists the most popular equipment for Environmental Noise Monitoring and Assessment, including measurements of Leq, Lmax, Lmin etc., statistical noise levels, level vs time recording, event capture, with or without audio recording and frequency analysis.

All our meters, microphones and calibrators are delivered with current Calibration Certificates.

Wind, rain or snow can significantly affect the microphone characteristics so it essential to protect measurement microphone when used outside and to compensate for any changes in the characteristics due to the 'protection' and vertical orientation of the microphone.

See our Outdoor Meter Enclosures

It is good practice to use a Calibrator on-site before and after each measurement and log the fact with all serial numbers and copies of our certificates in the report.

Anemometers and Weather Stations are also available

Environmental Noise Monitoring - Leq, Lmax, Lmin etc., + statistics, level vs time records.

Nor 116 : Norsonic Noise Monitoring Kits

Environmental Noise Monitoring - as above but with frequency analysis.

B&K 2238 : Bruel & Kjaer Noise Monitoring Kits
B&K 2250 : Bruel & Kjaer Noise Monitoring Kits
Nor 118 : Norsonic Noise Monitoring Kits
Nor 140 : Norsonic Noise Monitoring Kits
NTi XL2 : NTi Audio Environmental Noise Analyser
Svantek SV 307 : Noise Monitoring Terminal

For 'secure' Noise Nuisance monitoring inside the complainant's property see the Matron 3 System

See also, our full range of Noise Monitoring Systems.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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