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Bruel & Kjaer Matron 3 Noise Nuisance Recording Kit

B&K Matron 3
B&K 2250 : Matron 3 - Neighbour Noise Nuisance Monitoring System £ 35 a day *

The Bruel & Kjaer Matron 3 was based on years of experience with its predecessors to take care of your more difficult and time-consuming noise investigations. The complainant controls the audio recording of the noise, while a Class 1 sound level meter continuously measures and stores noise results for comparison before, during and after the complainant initiated audio recordings.

Uses and features
Investigation of time-consuming, intermittent, neighbour noise problems
Standard briefcase is used to transport and install the monitoring system
Same briefcase [now empty] is taken from the house to avoid arousing suspicions from interested observers.
Complainant starts and stops high quality audio recording with simple hand-switch
Locked instrumentation enclosure to prevents interference
The standard briefcase contains a second lockable Matron case - the noise monitoring and recording system. This means that you arrive and leave with the same case, avoiding the neighbours suspecting anything.

The inner case contains the noise monitoring system - a precision logging sound level meter complete with audio recording to memory card.

A extension cable is provided for remote positioning of the tripod-mounted microphone and a simple hand-switch allows the complainant to start and stop the audio recording process. A clear indicator on the hand-switch lights to confirm that recording is in progress.

The system is calibrated and, if required, the operator can choose to set the pre-trigger audio recording time, timed audio recordings and post-trigger audio recordings. The case is then locked to prevent any interference with the calibrated instrumentation.

The logging sound level meter can be set to automatically store A-weighted noise analysis parameters and (optionally) frequency analyses at regular time intervals.

The sound level meter records synchronised time and date information along with the noise results and the audio recordings so that comparisons of results may be made before, during and after the complainant-activated recordings.

The Matron 3 system has three main parts
B&K 2250 Analyser with the BZ 7226 sound recording option
B&K EG 7809 Matron enclosure with hand switch, tripod, microphone extension cable etc.
B&K 4231 Sound Calibrator - class 1

Order the complete Matron 3 system or just any of the component parts.

The microphone system is usually located in the complainant's house. However, it can be positioned externally using a longer microphone extension cable and an Outdoor Microphone Kit UA 1404.

Popular Accessories
B&K 7815 Noise Explorer or B&K 7820 Evaluator - Windows based software for graphical presentation of stored results.
Windows laptops loaded with the above PC software.

For the full range and more details see the Bruel & Kjaer lists, or click one of the links below,

B&K also have a FAQ - frequently asked question page relating to the Matron system. To get to the link click here.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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