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Brüel & Kjær 2238 Sound Analyser Features

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Brüel & Kjær 2238E : Mediator Sound Analyser - Class 1 £ 17 a day *

The B&K 2238 Mediators are the modern interpretation of the classic sound level meter, providing, high precision measurements, complete with serial frequency analysis.

The application software enables dedicated solutions for environmental and noise at work applications - all in one instrument. The hardware includes two independent Frequency Weighted detectors, for simultaneous RMS / Peak measurements or two RMS detectors in parallel. At the time other parameters, using Fast, Slow and Impulse Time Constants may be measured and stored in the large memory.

Environmental Noise - Assessment - Monitoring - Complaints
Noise at Work
Selection of hearing protectors
Noise reduction
Product quality control
General purpose Class 1 precision sound level measurements

See the extensive list of Measurement Features

Software Included
BZ 7126 : Basic Sound Level Meter software
BZ 7125 : Enhanced Sound Level Meter software
BZ 7124 : Logging software
BZ 7123 : Frequency Analysis software

All four software packages are installed in meters hired from Gracey & Associates, so 'on site' select the one to suit your application and start measuring. If your application changes, just switch to a different software package - there is no need to load it into the instrument since it is already in the resident memory.

Delivered with a 4188 microphone and windshield in a carrying case, together with calibration certificates for the meter, microphone and preamplifier. Please order any additional items required from the lists below.

B&K 2238 Manufacturer's Specifications

Popular Accessories
B&K 4231 : Sound Calibrator, Class 1 always recommended
B&K 7815 : PC Software - Explorer
B&K 7820 : PC Software - Evaluator
B&K AO 0403 : Cable - 2236, 2238 and 2537 AC output to BNC
B&K AO 0560 : Cable - preamplifier extension 3 m and 10 m available
B&K UA 1404 : Outdoor Microphone Kit
B&K VP 7670 : BK Link for Windows - download software
GA 80G1-00 : Meter stand 0.4 - 1.45 m high
GA 91E1-30 : Outdoor Noise Meter Enclosure - updated 2016
Davis Weather Station
Kestrel 2000 : Pocket Weather Meter - Anemometer

We also hire Windows laptops with the above software installed.

Sound level meters and particularly microphones are very susceptible to damp, so should not be used outside, unless protected - see our environmental kits below.

A Calibrator to check the equipment, before and after measurements, is always recommended

Environmental Noise Kits

B&K 2238 : Environmental Noise Kit * * £ 27 a day *
B&K 2238E : Sound Level Meter - class 1, detailed above
B&K UA 1404 : Outdoor Microphone Kit
GA 91E1-30 : Outdoor Noise Meter Enclosure - updated 2016

* * For 'secure' noise nuisance monitoring inside properties see the B&K Matron 3 system

Noise at Work Kits

B&K 2238 Noise at Work Kit £ 22 a day *
B&K 2238E : Sound Level Meter - class 1, detailed above
B&K 4231 : Sound Calibrator - class 1
GA 80G1-00 : Tripod - adjustable 0.4 m to 1.45 m high, maximum load 5 kg

See also our full Sound Level Meter List and our Sound Level Meter Comparison Table.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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