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The purpose of this site is for you to quickly find suitable sound and vibration instruments and equipment for hire. The site has 3 main routes visitors use


Instruments - grouped by Application.
Some customers have a specific application and want to see several manufacturers equipment and alternative systems together on one page, with a brief description and also direct links to the full specifications.

Instruments - listed by Manufacturer
Many customers are looking for a specific item and only require a simple list to see if we stock the item and the cost.

Site Search Tool
We have several hundred pages of information and a search tool linked to most pages. Just enter your query to find the most relevant instrument. You can also search for individual British and ISO Standards or search our comprehensive Glossary and Definitions

As well as providing information on the equipment we hire, on some pages you will see links highlighted in blue. Click on any item of interest to go directly to the relevant instruments or entry in our Glossary.

To retrace your steps we provide 'breadcrumb' trails at the bottom of most pages.

Main Navigation Links are included at the top and bottom of our pages.

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We hope you find what you are looking for.