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Gracey & Associates Outdoor Meter Kits - updated 2016

Outdoor Meter Kit showing our Outdoor Meter Enclosure together with a weather-proof microphone kit, a sound level meter and other accessories that can be hired separately.

GA 91E1-30 : Outdoor Meter Enclosure - standard, 1 x rechargeable battery £ 6 a day *
GA 91E1-35 : Outdoor Meter Enclosure - extended, 2 x rechargeable batteries £ 8 a day *

Both meter enclosures also include a tripod, associated cabling and charger. If a sound level meter is also hired there is a £3 a day discount.

These kits are designed for use with our Bruel & Kjaer, Norsonic and NTi meters and analysers.

Weather protection modifies the microphone response, which is why we recommend the optional B&K UA 1404 Outdoor System with a correction adaptor for the B&K microphone orientation or the GRAS 41AL version for the Norsonic analysers. When included the systems comply with the precision sound level meter requirements.

Both the B&K and GRAS Outdoor microphones are delivered with 3m preamplifier extension cables, so the meter may be inside the enclosure and the weather protected microphone mounted externally on the supplied GA 80G1-00 microphone stand, see the above photographs, which also show there is space for all the noise monitoring equipment plus calibrator etc., in one small case.

The Standard Noise Meter Enclosure includes a rechargeable 22Ah lithium battery and the time between charges depends on the current drawn by the individual meter. For example the Nor 116 meter measuring dBA levels can last up to two and a half times longer than a multi-purpose complex analyser like the B&K 2250. Also, bear in mind, individual meters may take ±10% of the nominal current, some batteries perform better than others and all batteries are less efficient if the temperature drops below 5°C. Typical figures are given in the table below.

Meter22 Ah Lithium Battery Life
B&K 2238 8 days
B&K 2250 4 days with internal batteries removed
Nor 11610 days
Nor 118 8 days
Nor 140 8 days
NTi XL2 4 days

The Extended Noise Meter Enclosure includes 2 x 22 Ah lithium batteries, so customers have the options of connecting the batteries in parallel to double the duration of unattended measurements or choose continuous monitoring i.e. using the charger provided to charge one battery while the other is in use.

We can also supply a special battery connector should you wish to use your own, or locally sourced, car battery. This option enables very long surveys in remote locations.

The rechargeable 'battery life' figures above are a guide, not a performance specification. Customers are advised to factor in their own safety margins including the environmental conditions on site and ensure batteries are fully charged before use.

Noise measurements carried out in wet and windy conditions, may not be acceptable - do you need to monitor the wind and temperature?

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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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