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Norsonic 140 Precision Sound Level Meters

Norsonic 140 Sound Level Meter

Nor 140 : Precision Sound Analyser with filters, statistics and logging £ 24 a day *
Basic Instrument Features
Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter - IEC 61672 class 1
Simultaneous measurements of A-weighted levels with either C or Z-weighted levels
Parallel detection of SPL, Leq, Lmin, Lmax, LE and Lpeak
120 dB dynamic range - a 'one-range' instrument
Measures Lpeak levels up to 140 dB
Fast, Slow or Impulse time constants - F, S or I
USB 2.0 high-speed RS-232 serial interface, 115 kbaud
SD memory card with large high speed internal memory
High-resolution graphical back-light display
Numeric table display
Manual or automatic storage of results
Automatic repeat measurements with clock synchronization
Measurement duration selectable from 1 second to 99 hours
Pause/Continue function with back erase feature
AC output - order cable is required
Battery life up to 12 hours
Additional Features and Options supplied with our Nor 140
Option 1 : 1/1-octave band filters - real time
Option 3 : 1/3-octave band filters - real time
Option 4 : Statistical calculations - Ln values
Option 6 : Level versus time measurements
For more details click any link and/or see the Nor 140 Manufacturer's Specifications
Delivered with microphone, preamplifier, options 1, 3, 4 and 6, batteries and windshield all in a carrying case together with calibration certificates for the meter, microphone and preamplifier.
Also included is the Nor 1020 software and a download cable, one set per hire. If you require extra copies, they are available at the list price.
We stock a wide range of accessories, order what you want and only pay for what you need
Popular Accessories
Nor 340 : Mains Adaptor for Nor 118 and 140 analysers
Nor 1251 : Sound Calibrator - class 1
Nor 1408 : Microphone preamplifier extension cable - 10 m
Nor 1410 : Microphone preamplifier extension cable -   2 m
Nor 4514 : Cable - noise generator output - Nor 140 to BNC
GRAS 41AL : Outdoor Microphone System - type 1
GA 80G1-00 : Meter stand 0.4 - 1.45 m high
GA 91E1-30 : Outdoor Noise Meter Enclosure - updated 2016
Davis : Weather Station
Kestrel 2000 : Pocket Weather Meter - Anemometer
We also hire Windows laptops loaded with the Nor 1020 PC software.
Sound level meters and particularly microphones are very susceptible to damp, so should not be used outside, unless protected - see our environmental kits.

Environmental Noise Measurement Kits

Nor 140 : Environmental Noise Kit £ 35 a day *
Nor 140 : Precision Sound Level Analyser
GRAS 41AL : Outdoor Microphone System - type 1
GA 91E1-30 : Outdoor Noise Meter Enclosure - updated 2016
We recommend you add a precision Nor 1251 calibrator if you don't already have one.

Noise at Work Kits

Nor 140 : Noise at Work Kit £ 29 a day *
Nor 140 : Precision Sound Level Analyser
Nor 1251 : Sound Calibrator - class 1
GA 80G1-00 : Tripod - adjustable 0.4 m to 1.45 m high, maximum load 5 kg
See also our full sound level meter list and sound level meter comparison table
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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