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NTi Audio : XL2 Sound Level Meter

NTi XL2 Sound Level Meter
  NTi Audio   XL2 Sound Level Analyser £ 25 a day *

The NTi XL2 hand-held meter is designed for a wide range of measurements, analysis and recording applications.

All measurement data is stored on the SD card for easy transfer to your PC. Simultaneously the XL2 can display and record the audio waveform. The event recorder triggers measurements at user-set thresholds and pre-determined times.

Precision measurements to latest standards
Results simultaneously available
SPL, Lmax, Lmin, LCpeak measurements
A-weighted, C-weighted and Z-weighted measurements,
Fast and Slow time-weighted measurements,
Leq - overall and short term measurements
L10, L90 etc., Statistical Level Analysis
Octave, 1/3 octave frequency analysis
Logging to SD Card - all levels simultaneously
RT60 Reverberation Time measurements - more details
Wav-file recording for listening later and subsequent analysis
STIPA (optional extra £3 a day) Speech Intelligibility Measurement BS EN 60268-16. Ambient Noise Correction. Automated Averaging. Display of Modulation Indices - see our XL2 STIPA version and Kits
NTi XL2 Specifications
We recommend you include a Calibrator if you don't already have one.
See also our Sound Level Meter Comparison Table.

Environmental Noise and Noise at Work Kits

NTi XL2 : Environmental Noise Kits £ 35 a day *
NTi XL2 : Sound Analyser - details above
M2230-WP : Outdoor Microphone Kit with 5m extension cable
GA 91E1-30 : Outdoor Noise Meter Enclosure - updated 2016

NTi XL2 : Noise at Work Kits £ 30 a day *
NTi XL2 : Noise Measurement, Leq., analysis, level vs time, noise recording
B&K 4231 : Sound Calibrator - class 1
GA 80G1-00 : Tripod - adjustable 0.4 m to 1.45 m high, maximum load 5 kg
See also our full sound level meter list and sound level meter comparison table
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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