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Brüel & Kjær 2238 Sound Analyser Software

B&K 2238 Sound Analyser
All our B&K 2238 Sound Analysers include the following options
BZ 7123 : Frequency Analysis Software
BZ 7124 : Logging Sound Level Meter Software
BZ 7125 : Enhanced Sound Level Meter Software and
BZ 7126 : Basic Sound Level Meter Software

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BZ 7126 Basic Sound Level Meter Software.
All Mediators come with the Basic Sound Level Meter Software BZ 7126 installed and is the simplest configuration of the instrument. The BZ 7126 software makes the sound level meter fully equipped to support measurements at the workplace and is also ideal for on the spot level checks in any situation.

Running the Basic SLM Software allows simultaneous measurements of RMS and Peak levels, each with its own frequency weighting. The available parameters include the Leq, maximum and minimum sound levels and the maximum peak level; noise at work related parameters such as LEP,d, dose percentages and Exposure are also available. Measurements can be manually controlled, or the measurement time can be preset, in which case the result is automatically saved after the measurement. With the standard 2 Mbytes memory installed in Mediator, up to 511 individual measurements can be stored at any one time. Saved measurements can be downloaded to PC software, printed or recalled to the display. An integrated file manager makes data management easy.

This is precision measurements made simple, which is further enhanced by the ability to save and recall four different setups, making it fast and easy to make sure that the right setup is used (frequency weightings, measurement range, duration, and so on). A measurement can be started automatically at any time within one month.


BZ 7125 Enhanced Sound Level Meter Software.
When assessing environmental noise problems, large amounts of data are often needed. Enhanced Sound Level Meter Software BZ 7125 adds a number of interesting twists to 2238 Mediator in order to supply all necessary data in one shot. All standardized time constants (Fast, Slow, Impulse) are computed in parallel at any time, and on top of that you can choose to run two RMS measurements with independent frequency weightings (typically an A-weighted and a C-weighted RMS channel). You select which parameters to display, print or analyse, but all of them are computed and available at any time and saved with the measurement.

Additionally, full statistics are available. Seven LN values (from L1 to L99) can be freely selected for display. However, a full level distribution is saved with each measurement and is available for later analysis, for example using a PC running 7820 Evaluator or 7815 Noise Explorer software.

With the enhanced BZ 7125 software the instrument's two auxiliary sockets (generally used for AC and DC output) can be used as inputs to sample a DC voltage. The voltage can be displayed and saved with the measurement, so you might use this feature to include meteorological conditions or a traffic count with your noise data. The auxiliary sockets can also be configured as input/output triggers in order to synchronise measurements with external equipment, for example noise sources.

Measurements can be manually controlled, or the measurement time can be preset, in which case the results are automatically saved to a file. And the measurement can be set up to repeat 1 - 99 times in a sequence where each measurement is saved when finished and a new measurement is immediately started. This feature can be used to generate a sequence of periodic reports, for example, hourly reports covering 24 hours. As a matter of course this feature can be combined with the auto-start, enabling measurements to start unattended, for example, at midnight, using a specified setup.

When supplemented with the Environmental Noise Kit, 2238 Mediator is ideally suited for short as well as long term unattended measurements. The auto-start feature enables the instrument to start and stop measuring at predefined times, or you can control the instrument via modem - not supplied.


BZ 7124 Logging Sound Level Meter Software.
Equipped with Logging SLM Software BZ 7124, 2238 Mediator becomes a versatile instrument for obtaining time histories. You select which of up to 12 parameters to log for each interval (including two DC values). To increase the total available measurement time, select fewer parameters. Whatever you choose, the expected total measurement time with the selected setup is computed on-screen as you make your choices. The instrument can be set up to log the selected parameters at intervals from 1 s to 1 h in 1 s steps. And you can have the results logged to a file (up to 511 of them) or to the serial interface. For detailed profiles of short-term Leq, 2238 Mediator can also be set to log values every 100ms. In this case the Leq is logged, and optionally two external DC voltages.

For attended measurements, four distinct on-the-fly markers are available. The markers (any of which can be on or off at any one time) are used as an annotation of the obtained data, for example, to point out specific noise sources. When data are transferred to PC software (7815 Noise Explorer, 7820/21 Evaluator or 7825 Protector), these markers are also transferred and immediately available for further analyses. 2238 Mediator running BZ 7124 can control sound recording while measuring on a PC running 7820 Evaluator or 7815 Noise Explorer software. Recorded sounds are tagged to a marker and can be replayed from the cursor position in a profile display.


BZ 7123 Frequency Analysis Software.
2238 Mediator's optional 1/1-and 1/3-octave filter set can in all variants be used for measurements in any single frequency band. However, this filter set comes fully into its own when running Frequency Analysis Software BZ 7123. This software automates measurements in the nine octave bands and the 29 1/3-octave bands, making it a simple matter to obtain spectra in order to, for example, select hearing protection, qualify heat and ventilation systems, and assess low or high frequency contents.

As a user you select the bandwidth and the start and stop band, and can select one of the available time/accuracy optimised scan programs (providing you with tolerances of 0.25, 0.5 or 1.0 dB). The bar graph display is updated as the measurement progresses. In addition to making one scan, you can average up to 99 spectra into one resulting average spectrum. Alternatively, a fixed user-defined dwell time for all chosen frequency bands can be selected. In each frequency band Leq, Lmin and Lmax are measured using time constant F or S. A simultaneous overall broadband measurement is made during the scan(s) of the filter set.

If interrupting noise occurs during a measurement, the current measurement (scan) can be paused, providing you with the opportunity to back-erase, that is, delete one or more of the already measured frequency bands and continue the measurement from there.

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