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GRAS 41AL Outdoor Microphones

GRAS Outdoor Microphone
GRAS 41AL : Outdoor Microphone System - type 1 £ 8 a day *
Measurement microphones are designed to respond to sound levels uniformly over a wide frequency range and angle of incidence to the microphone diaphragm.
Wind, rain or snow can significantly affect the microphone characteristics so it essential to protect measurement microphone when used outside and to compensate for any changes in the characteristics due to the 'protection' and orientation of the microphone.
The 41AL Outdoor Microphone is designed to meet precision requirements when fitted with the rain cover and special windshield.
The GRAS 41AL Environmental Microphones supplied by Gracey & Associates have a GRAS 40AS microphone optimised for community and traffic noise etc., they are not suitable for aircraft or overhead noise.
The kit includes a 3 m preamplifier cable with a Lemo 1B connector, a desiccator unit and a calibration coupler with correction values for a range of calibrators
Manufacturer's Specifications
A Norsonic 1251 sound level calibrator is recommended.
The GRAS 41AL is directly compatible with all Nor 116, 118 and 140 analysers supplied by Gracey & Associates
For meters without suitable connectors and power supplies we offer the GRAS 12AA power supply unit
For analysers with the older B&K 7-pin connector then you may need a Lemo to B&K adaptor - GRAS AG 0001 or Nor 1409
We stock a wide range of accessories, please order what you want and only pay for what you need.
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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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