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Norsonic 1251 Sound Level Calibrators

Norsonic Sound Level Calibrator
Nor 1251 : Precision Sound Level Calibrators - class 1 £ 3 a day *
The use of calibrators dates back to the days when it was much easier to design a stable calibrator than a stable sound level meter. Today this is fortunately no longer the case. Modern sound level meters are just as stable as calibrators.
However the measuring microphones are as delicate as ever. being designed to fulfil very rigid specifications, measurement microphones are vulnerable and easily subject to damage unless great care is taken.
Whenever sound measurements in accordance with applicable standards are to be made, calibration is required before the measurement is started. some standards also require that calibration takes place after the measurements have been made.
The former is to ensure that correct values will be acquired, while the latter serves to confirm that nothing has changed during the measurement session.
Calibration or 1/1", 1/2" and 1/4" condenser microphones
Calibration of sound level meters
Verification of sound level meter operation
Pocket size, portable unit
Complies with IEC 942, class 1
High output level - 114 dB SPL
Output signal frequency of 1000 Hz requires no correction for weighting networks
High stability
Sound pressure level insensitive to microphone equivalent volume
Green LED indicating correct calibration level
Automatic switch-off when removed from microphone
Robust mechanical construction
Norsonic 1251 Specifications
Delivered with a type 1443 adaptor for 1/2" microphones, small carrying case [pouch] and a current calibration certificate.
Order a Nor 1444 1/4" microphone adaptor if required
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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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