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Norsonic PC Software


One set of the software below is included, free-of-charge, with each hire. Additional sets are available at list price if required.

Nor 1020 : Nor-Xfer for Nor 116, 118, 121 and 140 analysers £ 2 a day *
Norsonic Software
Software for the transfer of measurement data from Norsonic instruments to a PC.
The user interface is similar to the familiar Windows Explorer.
Clicking on the instrument icon produces a list of the folders and files contained in the instrument's memory.
To transfer any files to your PC, just select the file(s) and drag them to a folder in the PC.
To convert a file right click on the filename and select convert to Excel or ASCII for direct use in a spreadsheet or your word processor.
Software and manual supplied on a USB Drive with a serial interface 9-pin cable * * to suit the analyser on hire.

* * some PCs only have USB connectors, in which case you will also need a Serial to USB adaptor, available from PC accessory suppliers.

We also hire Windows laptops loaded with the Nor 1020 PC software.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.