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B&K 2250 BZ 7226 Sound Recording Specifications

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Bruel & Kjaer Sound Level Meter
BZ 7222 : Sound Analysis Software
BZ 7223 : Frequency Analysis Software
BZ 7224 : Logging Software
BZ 7225 : Enhanced Logging Option
BZ 7226 : Sound Recording Software
BZ 7227 : Reverberation Time Option
BZ 7228 : Sound Insulation Option
BZ 7230 : FFT Analysis Option
BZ 7231 : Tone Assessment Option
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B&K 2250 : Specifications
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Bruel & Kjaer 2250 : Sound Recording Software - BZ 7226 included

The Sound Recording Option BZ 7226 works with all the other software for the type 2250 and requires a CF or SD-Card for data storage.


Recorded Signal

A-, C- or Z-weighted signal from the measurement transducer

Automatic Gain Control

The average level of the signal is kept within a 40 dB range, or the gain can be fixed

Sampling Rate And Pre-recording

Sound is buffered for the pre-recording of sound. This allows the beginning of events to be recorded even if they are only detected later.

Functions With BZ 7222 And BZ 7223

Manual Control of Recording: Recording can be manually started and stopped during a measurement using a push button or an external signal
Sampling Rate Maximum Pre-recording Sound Quality Memory      
  8 kHz100 seconds Low 16 KB/s
16 kHz   50 secondsFair 32 KB/s
24 kHz   30 secondsMedium 48 KB/s
48 kHz   10 secondsHigh 96 KB/s
Automatic Control of Recording: Start of recording when measurement is started. Minimum and Maximum recording time can be preset.

Functions with BZ 7224 and BZ 7225

Manual Control of Recording (using Manual Event or Back-erase push button, or an external signal): Recording during all of the event, or for preset minimum and maximum duration. A Sound marker is set while recording. Selectable pre- and post-recording time
Manual Control of Recording (using touch screen): Recording for the selected time period (subject to the limitations of the pre-recording buffer). A Sound marker is set for the selected time period.
Automatic Control of Recording: An event can be triggered when a broadband level is above or below a specified level. Recording during all of the event or for preset minimum and maximum duration. Selectable pre- and post-recording time

Functions with BZ 7227

Automatic control or Recording: Start of recording when measurement is started.


Playback of sound recordings can be listened to using the earphone/headphones connected to the headphone socket.

Recording Format

The recording format is 16-bit wave files (extension .wav) attached to the data in the project, easily played back afterwards on a PC using Type 7815, 7820 or 7825. Calibration information is stored in the wav file.
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