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B&K 2250 BZ 7225 Enhanced Logging Specifications

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Bruel & Kjaer Sound Level Meter
BZ 7222 : Sound Analysis Software
BZ 7223 : Frequency Analysis Software
BZ 7224 : Logging Software
BZ 7225 : Enhanced Logging Option
BZ 7226 : Sound Recording Software
BZ 7227 : Reverberation Time Option
BZ 7228 : Sound Insulation Option
BZ 7230 : FFT Analysis Option
BZ 7231 : Tone Assessment Option
B&K 2250 : Home Page
B&K 2250 : Specifications
B&K 2250 : Detailed Image
Bruel & Kjaer 2250 + Enhanced Logging Software - BZ 7225 £ 32 a day *

for Display and Storage

Ldn, Lden, Lday, Levening and Lnight
Selectable Day, Evening and Night periods and penalties
Periodic Reports: Measurement data logged at a pre-set report period into files on external SD or CF cards
Report Period: From 1min to 24 hours with 1min resolution
Broadband Data and Statistics Stored at each Reporting Interval: All
Spectrum Data Stored at each Reporting Interval: All
Spectral Statistics Stored at each Reporting Interval: Full distribution, or none
Logging Time: From 1 second to 31 days with 1 s resolution or Continuous
Data saved in separate projects for every 24 hrs of logging
Automatic reboot and resume of operation in case of power failure

Timer Trigger Storage

For periodically starting a sound recording

Level Triggers

Markers can be set and sound recording scan be started when a broadband or frequency band level is above or below a specified level. Hold off time between triggers can be set. You can specify up to four independent Level Triggers to be active at four different times during the day.

CIC - Charge Injection Calibration

Injects an internally generated electrical signal in parallel with the microphone diaphragm. A manual CIC can be performed whenever there is no measurement in progress..
An automatic CIC can be performed at the start and end of a logging measurement. The CIC can be set to occur up to 4 times in each 24 hour period
CIC Duration: 10 s
E&OE - specifications subject to change without notice.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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