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NTi Audio : XL2 Reverberation Time Analyser

NTi XL2 Reverberation Time Meter
NTi XL2 : Reverberation Time Analyser £ 25 a day *

The NTi XL2 analysers we hire measure the RT60 Reverberation Time from 63Hz to 8 kHz using the Schroeder method.

RT60 is the time required for the sound pressure level to decrease by 60 dB after the sound stimulus stops. It is not possible to measure a 60dB decay in most rooms due to the background noise level, so the relevant standard BS EN ISO 3382 specifies measuring the 20 dB decrease, multiplying the answer by 3 and labelling the result RT60 (T20).

In small rooms where the background noise is low the reverberation may be measured directly using an impulse source like a starting pistol. In larger spaces or where the background noise is too high a gated pink noise like the Minirator MR-PRO and a non-directional loudspeaker with a power amplifier are also required.

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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.