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NTi Sound Analysers and Audio Test Equipment

NTi XL2 Sound Level Meter

We hire NTi Sound Level Meters and STIPA Test Equipment.


Originally (1976), NTi were the measurement division of Neutrik the world famous audio and data connector specialists.

In 2000 they introduced the first handheld analog audio analyser called Minilyzer ML1; which received many International Industry Awards for its outstanding innovation and technology. NTi Audio was formed through a management buyout of the Audio Measurement Division of Neutrik AG.

2005: TalkBox for Speech Intelligibility Measurements released

2007: Pro version of the Minirators audio signal generator introduced

2009: The handheld flagship XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyser launched

NTi : Sound Level Meters and Audio Test Equipment Daily Hire *
XL2 : Sound Level Meter - multifunction analyser £ 25
XL2 : Vibration Meter £ 29
STIPA : Sound Transmission Index analyser £ 29
Minirator MR-PRO : Audio Signal Generator £   4
TalkBox : Acoustic Generator, STIPA Reference £   6
NetBox : Remote Communication for XL2 £   9
DS3/PA3 : Dodecahedron Speaker Set £ 20
Environmental Noise Analyser £ 35
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options