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NTi Audio : Minirator MR-PRO - Audio Generator

NTi Minrator Pro
NTi Audio : Minirator MR-PRO - Audio Generator £ 4 a day *

The Minirator MR-PRO provides a full set of analog audio signals including sine wave, pink noise, white noise, delay test signal, polarity test signal, stepped sweep and continuous sine sweep. Further, a set of wav-files, useful for system optimisation, is stored in the internal flash memory. Add your own personal favourites to this set.

The signal balance, phantom power and impedance of the connected load are monitored. The integrated XLR cable tester simplifies trouble shooting tasks.
The MR-PRO provides proven tools for set-up, maintenance and monitoring of audio equipment of all types.
User WAV-Files
The Minirator MR-PRO offers a range of additional factory test files, e.g. for speech intelligibility verification. You may store additional user test signals as uncompressed wav-files in the MR-PRO memory. The selected file is seamlessly looped. Wav-file exchange is simplified via the USB port.
Pre-installed: STIPA, Voice, Music - see our STIPA kits
User downloads at the support page:
Third- and Octave Pink Noise
Square Wave: 10 Hz - 5 kHz
Sine: 1 Hz - 10 Hz
Power Test acc. BS EN 60268-5
Norm Signal acc. BS EN 60065
Cinema Headroom Test
Test Signals
Sine : pure sine waveforms at user-selectable frequencies and amplitudes. The frequency steps interval can be set to as low as 0.1Hz. Selectable frequencies from 10 Hz to 20 kHz. Level range from -80 to +18 dBu
Sweep : the start/stop frequency, step time and a step resolution as fine as 1/12th octave can be adjusted. Audio analysers automatically trigger to this signal and record the frequency response of a device under test.
Chirp : the chirp signal is a logarithmic or linear gliding sine sweep signal with continuous frequency increase over time. Typical applications are recording of frequency responses, impulse response measurements and acoustic assessment of rooms.
Pink & White Noise : pink or white noise is synthesised with high spectral density, normal amplitude distribution and with infinite cycle duration. The Minirator also generates gated pink noise (on/off cycle 1 - 9 seconds) for convenient RT60 measurements with the XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyser.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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