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Norsonic 840 Real Time Analyser - Multi-function

Norsonic 840 Real Time Sound Analyser

The Nor 840 has been withdrawn, the following information is for reference purposes.

Nor 840 : Real Time Multi-spectrum Analyser, Sound Intensity System  
The Norsonic 840 is the ideal tool for the experienced acoustician. 1/1, 1/3, 1/12, 1/24-octave + FFT
The dual channel, battery operated analyser has a bright, back-lit, 10" colour LCD screen. The operator accesses all set-ups using dedicated push-keys to open logical menus, so there is no need to navigate through multi-level menus
All selections may also be made by a numerical key sequence. A HELP description is available for any field in any menu
Dual channel measurements in true octave and third octave bands
0.1 Hz - 20 kHz frequency range in both channels in dual channel operation
True A- and Lin spectral weighting networks in both channels
Easy-to-use single-level menus and direct key control
Large colour VGA display
Microphone, line and charge inputs
Powered from 12 VDC
80 dB dynamic range
Internal memory for up to 32000 spectra
Internal 3.5" MS-DOS compatible floppy disk drive
IEEE-488, Centronics and RS-232C interfaces
Multi-spectrum measurements (level vs. time)
Internal signal generator
Internal reverberation time calculations
Sound intensity measurements - add a GRAS 50AI Sound Intensity Probe
True 1/12 and 1/24 octave filters
800 lines dual channel FFT
Maximum Length Sequence (MLS) for measurements of level differences and reverberation time calculations
Handy unit for field use
The internal PC is ideal for extensive post processing of data and running Windows applications. Numerical + graphical presentation on full colour screen.
Manufacturer's Specifications
Delivered with transient, sound intensity and building acoustics software built-in, but no other accessories, so you only pay for what you need
Please order microphone(s), preamplifier(s), power amplifiers, intensity probes and any extension cables etc., required to suit your applications.


Sound Intensity

Our 840 analysers are delivered with sound intensity software. If you want to use this option order a probe and accessories
GRAS 50AI : Sound Intensity Probe - discontinued
GRAS 51AB : Sound Intensity Calibration Unit


Low Sound Pressure Levels

Our Nor 840 analysers may also be used to measure extremely low sound pressure levels.
For more information and to download the Norsonic Application Note click here
Other Popular Accessories, Building Acoustics etc.
Nor 250 : Hemi-dodecahedron loudspeaker - 120 dB SWL
Nor 260 : Power amplifier with noise generator - 1 kW peak into 4 Ω load
Nor 330 : Battery Case for Nor 840, 5AH Ni-Cad [2 hours] battery + charger
Nor 1020 : Nor-Xfer PC software
Nor 1201 : Preamplifier - 1/2" with Lemo 1B connector - order extension cables as required
Nor 1220 : Measurement Microphone - 1/2" air condenser - free-field
Nor 1251 : Sound Calibrator- Class 1
Nor 1264 : Tripod adaptor for low level measurements, twin microphone holder
Nor 1408 : Microphone preamplifier extension cable - 10 m long
Nor 1410 : Microphone preamplifier extension cable -   2 m long
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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