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Diagnostic Instruments - DI 2200

Diagnostic Instruments FFT Analyser

The DI 2200 has been withdrawn from our hire list, for FFT analysis please see the B&K 2250 FFT version.
The following information is for reference purposes.

 DI 2200 : Real Time - FFT Analyser - dual channel  
Small battery operated, narrow band, analyser
DC - 40 kHz in 10 ranges with engineering units and zoom
FFT with up to 1600 lines resolution
1/3 and 1/1 octave band mode.
Memory card and RS-232 output to a serial printer, PC etc.
Frequency, Time Domain, Transfer Function measurements etc.
BNC connectors for DC or AC coupled voltage inputs, plus direct connection of IEPE accelerometers.
Built-in integration circuits and engineering units for both vibration and noise measurements.
For narrow band noise or pure tone measurements - plug the output of a sound level meter into this small, portable analyser. Ideal for tracking down pure tones and harmonics that occur in the same 1/3-octave band.
For vibration measurements include one or two Metra Ks76 accelerometer sets and a B&K 4294 vibration calibrator.
Alternatively add a B&K 2635 charge amplifier as a front-end, for use with a variety of accelerometers.
To see our range of accelerometers click here.
Manufacturer's Specifications
ADT Win download software with PC cable and a mains / charger unit are included. The ADT Win software is not XP compatible.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.