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Bruel & Kjaer 4294 Accelerometer Calibrator

B&K 4294 Vibration Calibrator
B&K 4294 : Accelerometer Calibrator, hand held, battery powered £ 5 a day *

Type 4294 permits accurate adjustment of measuring instrumentation at a standard acceleration level of 10 ms-2 (0 – 70 g load). The reference signal may additionally be used for velocity and displacement calibration, at 10 mms–1 and 10 μm respectively.

Quick, easy field calibration of vibration measurement and recording systems
System fault finding and continuity checking
Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement calibration
Convenient, hand-held vibration reference
Integral accelerometer for servo-stabilization of vibration amplitude
Reference vibration level 10 ms-2
Fixed operating frequency of 159.15 Hz corresponding to 1000 rad/s
Crystal controlled oscillator
Self contained battery operation

The 4294 permits accurate adjustment of measuring instrumentation to indicate a standard acceleration level of 10 ms-2 thus
calibrating the system for correct measurement of other vibration levels

The reference level may also be used for velocity & displacement calibration: 10 ms-2 ~ 159.15 Hz = 10 mm/s-1 and 10 µm respectively.

Not only will a system calibration using the 4294 automatically take into account the influence of the connecting cables on the voltage sensitivity of the transducer but it will also provide a quick check on the correct function of the complete measurement system

Manufacturer's Specifications

The vibrating 'table' has a 10-32 UNF thread. Also included is a YQ 2962 steel stud and a DB 2996 mounting disk (10 grams) which has a 3 mm thread and YQ 2007 stud for miniature accelerometers. The calibrator is delivered in a small leather pouch.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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