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Bruel & Kjaer 2635 Charge Amplifier, Signal Conditioning

B&K 2635 Charge Amplifier
B&K 2635 : Bruel & Kjaer Charge Amplifier and Signal Conditioner £ 12 a day *
Multi purpose, low noise Charge Amplifier and signal conditioning unit, for field and laboratory measurement of acceleration, velocity or displacement when used with a Piezoelectric accelerometer, with BNC outputs to feed into recording or measuring devices.
Ideal vibration front-end for DAT recorders, analysers etc.
Charge input
3-digit conditioning to transducer sensitivity
Unified output ratings for simplified system calibration
High sensitivity up to 10 V/pC
Built-in integrators for displacement and velocity
Selectable low and high frequency limits
Built-in test oscillator
BNC connectors
Battery powered
The sensitivity is selectable between 0.1 and 11 pC/ms-2 to provide the following calibrated outputs.
Acceleration 0.1 mV/ms-2 - 1 V/ms-2
Velocity 10 mV/ms-1  - 100 V/ms-1
Displacement 0.1 mV/mm  - 10 V/mm
B&K 2635 Manufacturer's Specifications
Please order an Accelerometer and any extra Cables etc., to suit your application.
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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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