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Vibration Meter Review and Comparison Table


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This table provides a quick comparison of the major features for a range of vibration meters we hire.
We have selected them on the basis of what customers are looking for. Modern meters can measure dozens of different parameters and offer variations of options, once you have narrowed you search click on the relevant meter link to review the full specifications and check if the feature(s) you require are standard or require to be specified when you order.
You can also click a parameter for more information. For applications, not high-lighted here, use our speed links below or our search tool.

Vibration Meter Comparison Table

Parameters / Meters B&K 2511 B&K 2537 B&K 2250 B&K 4447 DI 2200 LD HVM100 Vibrock 901
PPV - blast, monitoring etc.            
Frequency analysis - 1/1 Octave          
Frequency analysis - 1/3 Octave          
Frequency analysis - FFT          
Hand arm vibration - VWF    
Whole body vibration      
E&OE - manufacturers' specifications subject to change without notice.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.