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Bruel & Kjaer 2537 Hand Arm and Vibration Severity Meter

B&K Hand-arm Vibration Meter
B&K 2537 : Hand Arm and Vibration Severity Meter £ 13 a day *

Quick and easy to use Hand Arm Vibration measurements, single channel **

Also suitable for general vibration severity measurements in the range 0.1 ms-2 to 3000 ms-2

Large LCD screen which includes a quasi-analogue bar to show the current acceleration level

Two parallel detectors, to display both RMS and Peak readings simultaneously.

Control exposure to hand arm vibration white finger in the workplace
Find calculated half and full-day exposure levels Aeq4 and Aeq8 based on the short measurements
Demonstrates a tool's compliance with vibration exposure safety standards
General purpose vibration measurements 0.1 ms-2 to 3000 ms-2
Conforms with BS EN ISO 8041 type 2 and BS EN ISO 5349
Back-lit display
Simultaneous RMS and Peak measurements
Hand Arm vibration and linear frequency weightings
Measures Aeq, Aeq4, Aeq8, Amax, Amin, Amp, Peak, and Inst
40 records of stored results
Two measurement ranges
Mounting bracket included, to attach the accelerometer firmly to a tool handle

Delivered with a 4505 accelerometer, a DB 3585 mounting bracket with nylon fixing ties and  B&K Link  PC software.

B&K 2537 Manufacturer's Specifications

We recommend the  B&K 4294  vibration calibrator.

** triaxial measurements - see the Larson Davis HVM100 - Human Vibration Meter

For information on the current UK legislation, click here to link to the HSE site.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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