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Bruel & Kjaer 2250 + BZ 7224 Logging Software


The B&K 2250 multi-function meter is designed for all sound and vibration measurements, analysis and recording applications. This page describes the included BZ 7224 Logging Software

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Bruel & Kjaer 2250 Sound Level Meter
B&K 2250 : Home Page
B&K 2250 : Specifications
Software included
BZ 5503 : PC Utility Software
BZ 7222 : Sound Analysis
BZ 7223 : Frequency Analysis
BZ 7224 : Logging
BZ 7225 : Enhanced Logging : new 2017
BZ 7226 : Sound/Vibration Recording
Other options available
BZ 7227 : Reverberation Time
BZ 7228 : Sound Insulation
BZ 7230 : FFT Measurement
BZ 7231 : Tone Assessment
B&K 2250 Detailed Image
Bruel & Kjaer 2250 + BZ 7224 Logging Software included
Bruel & Kjaer Logging Sound Level Meter

All our 2250 meters are delivered with the Logging module which enables the free selection of Broadband parameters and Statistics logged at periods from 1 second to 24 hours. When the BZ 7223 Frequency Analysis Software is enabled you can also log spectra at these intervals,

LAeq and LAF may be logged at 100 ms time intervals. Markers and comments may be added and with the BZ 7226 Signal Recording Option enabled, Wav-recordings can be used to capture events.

See also the BZ 7225 Enhanced Logging Software which is also included in all our Hire 2250 Analysers

Environmental Noise Monitoring
Complaint Investigation
Occupational Noise Assessment
Time history of vibration events
Time history profiles for what-if scenario modelling
Logging of broadband parameters, statistics and spectra with two periods
User-defined period 1 s to 24 h: user-selected data
100ms period: LAeq, LAF, LAS only
Two profile displays: total measurement and zoomed time-window
Markers and annotations on profile display
Attachment of wave-recordings to profile

Comprehensive Data Collection
Collect a wealth of broadband, statistic and spectral data, giving you the details behind the numbers and allowing for very flexible post-processing.

Record Sound Events
With the Signal Recording Option BZ-7226 enabled, wave-recordings of the measured noise can be added to the profile for documentation purposes, as well as subsequent event and source identification.

Freeze the display
At any time during the measurement you can 'freeze' the profile display, or move to an earlier section, allowing you to look at data in detail and add annotations while the measurement is still continuing.

See also the B&K 2250 BZ 7224 Specifications.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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