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Sound and Vibration Instrument Hire and Calibration

Whole Body Vibration : WBV, Vibration Dose Value : VDV


We hire whole body vibration meters, supplied by the leading manufacturers.

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General Vibration Measurement
Ground and Structural Vibration Measurement
Hand Arm Vibration - HAVS Measurement
Vibration Measurements using a Sound Level Meter

Whole Body Vibration - WBV

HVM 100 : Larson Davis Whole Body Vibration Meter £ 36 a day *
Larson Davis Whole Body Vibration Meter
Designed specifically for the measurement of whole body vibration and the vibration dose value.

Simultaneous 3-channel measurements of the X, Y and Z vibration levels plus the vector sum, using the relevant weighting curves.

Conforms to BS ISO 2631, 5349, 6841, and 8041 standards.
Includes the SEN0270 Triaxial Seat Pad - Sensitivity ≈ 100 mV/g ≈ 10 mV/ms-2
Also Included is a SEN020 triaxial accelerometer with mechanical adaptors for HAVS measurements.
HVM100 - Whole Body Vibration details and kits
B&K 4294 : Vibration Calibrator - hand held £ 5 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer 4294 Vibration Calibrator Battery operated for calibration of vibration systems, accelerometers up to 70 grams in weight.
RMS : Acceleration level of 10 ms-2
Velocity of 10 mm/s
Displacement level of 10 µm at 159.15 Hz
Accuracy ± 3 %
B&K 4294 Vibration Calibrator details
V901-2 : Vibrock Whole Body Vibration Recorder + Vibration Dose Value Measurement £ 33 a day *
Vibrock Dual Channel Whole Body Vibration Meter

Vibrock - dual channel vibration analyser for continuous level recording or event monitoring and/or recording VDV vibration dose levels.

Delivered with
a triaxial PPV - Peak Particle Velocity transducer **
a triaxial VDV - Vibration Dose Value transducer.

The PPV vibration transducer details are detailed here

VDV - Vibration Dose Value
When using the VDV vibration dose value transducer, the instrument complies with BS 6472 and BS 7482 part 3 with automatic day/night change over. Both 30 second and 1 hour dose levels are recorded and the resultant 16 or 8 hour values calculated in the range 0.025 to 10 m/s- 1.75.

Ideal for whole body vibration measurements when the operator is standing on the vibrating surface.

You can also record the PPV levels etc., on the other channel - transducer supplied.

Vibrock V901 Specifications

Robust, weatherproof and lightweight - kit also includes PC download software with a cable.
The transducer leads are 1.2 m long, order extension cables if required.

** If you need a second channel for additional PPV measurements, then add an extra PPV transducer and suitable extension cables

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options

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