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Sound and Vibration Instrument Hire and Calibration

Ground and Structural Vibration, Seismograph


We hire vibration meters and monitoring equipment, supplied by the leading manufacturers.

This page deals with ground vibration and seismographs.

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Hand Arm Vibration - HAVS
General Vibration Measurement / Monitoring
Whole Body Vibration - WBV
V901 : Vibrock Triaxial Seismograph, Vibration Level Recorder £ 25 a day *
Vibrock Single Channel Vibration Meter

Vibrock single channel, 3-axis ground vibration monitoring equipment for continuous level recording and vibration events

Triaxial transducer for simultaneous 3-axis recording
Data-logging seismograph for ground vibration and building vibration
Measures Peak Particle Velocity (PPV), Displacement and Acceleration
LCD display of current levels and maximum levels
Up to 300 events or several weeks continuous recording may be stored
Uses 2 ordinary alkaline D cells which will power the system for up 20 days.
Robust, weatherproof and lightweight

Vibrock V901 details

Two stage audible alarm with 10 m cable and battery charger available

V901-2 : Vibrock Ground Vibration Monitor + Whole Body Vibration VDV £ 33 a day *
Vibrock Dual Channel Vibration Analyser

Vibrock dual channel, 3-axis vibration analysis and continuous vibration measurement and logging of vibration events plus a Vibration Dose VDV transducer to record the whole body vibration dose levels.

Specifications for the PPV, displacement and acceleration transducer as above.
Ground Vibration and Structural Vibration monitoring
The Vibration Dose Value - VDV transducer included
Robust, weatherproof and lightweight

Vibrock V901-2 details

Two stage audible alarm with 10 m cable and battery charger available

See also our full range of vibration meters and/or information on vibration measurements using a sound level meter.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options

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