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CEL 593 Real Time Sound Analyser

CEL Sound Level Analyser

The CEL 593 has been withdrawn, the following information is for reference purposes only.
For alternatives see our Sound Level Meter Comparison page

CEL 593 : Real Time Sound Analyser - type 1 £  n/a *
Hand held, battery operated, real time octave and third octave sound analyser - 12 Hz to 20 kHz. Measures and calculates the commonly required, time averaged parameters and statistical data. Large memory to store up to 200,000 data points, equivalent to 6,000 data screens.
Modes of operation
Real time sound analyser mode with snapshot storage - Broad band measurement of -
SPL, Max, Min, Leq, ILeq, Lavg, Lin Peak, Cpeak plus 1/3 or octave spectra of SPL, Max and Leq.
Event analyser mode either timed or by threshold with delays up to 30 seconds -
Broad band and Spectra measurements of Max, Duration, SEL, Event Leq, Lin Peak, Cpeak and 1 sec Max.
Environmental mode with 5 Lns ** and measurement periods selectable in steps from 0.5 s to 60 min -
Broad band Max, Min, period SEL, Leq, ILeq, Lavg, Lin Peak, Cpeak
1/3 or octave spectra Max and Leq as well as the 5 Ln values.
CEL 593 Manufacturer's Specifications
Includes a type 1 measurement microphone, preamplifier, serial interface module, windshield and calibration certificates.
Also included is the CEL 6694 software with a download cable, one set per hire. If you require extra copies, they are available at the list price.
We also hire Windows laptops loaded with the above PC software.
An acoustic calibrator is recommended.
We do not supply a weather proof microphone or an environmental enclosure for this instrument.
See also our full sound level meter list and sound level meter comparison table
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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