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Bruel & Kjaer 4507 and 4508 CCLD Accelerometers

B&K 4507 Accelerometer     B&K 4508 Accelerometer
B&K 4507 : Accelerometer - CCLD, 1000 mV/g, side entry £ 4 a day *
B&K 4508 : Accelerometer - CCLD, 1000 mV/g, top entry £ 4 a day *

Miniature DeltaTron™ Accelerometers Types 4507 and 4508 are specifically designed to provide a combination of high sensitivity, low mass and small physical dimensions make them ideal for modal measurements, such as automotive body and power-train measurements, as well as for modal analysis on aircraft, trains and satellites.

The main difference between the two types is the position of the coaxial connector which is on the top surface perpendicular to the main axis for Type 4508 (top-mounted connector), and on the side surface parallel to the main axis for Type 4507 (side-mounted connector).

Robust titanium housing with integrated titanium connector
Easily fitted to different test objects using a selection of mounting clips
Low-weight ThetaShear design giving high sensitivity/weight ratio and very low sensitivity to environmental factors
Triaxial mounting facility
Connect directly to DeltaTron™ power supply (ICP® compatible).
The DeltaTron™ principle allows the use of inexpensive cables.
Low output impedance so that long cables can be used
Built-in, low-noise preamplifiers give more than 100 dB dynamic range
Operating temperature up to 250 °C

Miniature DeltaTron™ Accelerometers Types 4507 and 4508 consist of a ThetaShear accelerometer and a DeltaTron™ preamplifier in a lightweight titanium housing with integrated 10-32 UNF connectors.

The 10-32 UNF connector is an integrated part of the top piece, which also contains the preamplifier. The slotted cylindrical stanchion holds a central seismic mass flanked by two piezoelectric plates. This assembly is clamped rigidly by a ring. The parts are firmly held together without the use of any bonding agent other than friction, a principle which has proved extremely reliable in Bruel & Kjaer DeltaShear® accelerometers. This assembly is hermetically welded to the titanium housing.

Each accelerometer is individually calibrated and supplied with a comprehensive calibration chart. Long-term stability and reliability are ensured by artificial ageing during the production process. Field checking and system calibration are straightforward using Bruel & Kjaer's Hand-held Vibration Calibrator Type 4294.

Manufacturer's Specifications B&K 4507 and B&K 4508.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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