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SVAN 945A Specifications

Svantek 945A Sound Analyser
SVAN 935A : Sound Level Meter - Class 1 £ 18 a day *

Standards :

IEC61672-1:2002 Class 1
IEC60651 Type 1 (1979) with amendments 1 and 2
IEC60804 Type 1 (2000)


Leq - equivalent sound level
Lmax - maximum sound level
Lmin - minimum sound level
Lpeak - Peak sound level
SPL - sound pressure level
SEL - sound exposure level
Statistics - Ln (L1 to L99)
Time history for A, C Lin (Z) weightings in parallel
Real time Frequency Analysis - 1/1 octave and 1/3 octave

Other Specifications

Sound AnalysisReal time 1/1 & 1/3 octave analysis with statistics
Preamplifier Input24 dBA - 140 dBA
Dynamic Range120 dB sound level meter mode, 100 dB analyser mode
A/D conversion2 x 20 bits
Frequency Range1 Hz - 20 kHz
Sampling Rate48 kHz
Weighting FiltersA, C, Lin (Z) Type 1
1/1 Octave Filters15 filters with centre frequencies 1 Hz - 16 kHz
1/3 Octave Filters45 filters with centre frequencies 0.8 Hz - 20 kHz
RMS DetectorDigital true RMS and Peak detection
Resolution0.1 dB
Time ConstantsFast, Slow Impulsive (all in parallel)
MicrophoneGRAS 40AN: 50 mV/Pa, condenser
DisplayLCD plus icons with back-lighting
Analogue OutputAC 0.5 Vrms
InterfacesUSB and RS-232
Power SupplyInternal:- more than 8 hours, rechargeable
Power SupplyExternal:- 230 Vrms to DC meter supply charger
Temperature-10 °C to 50 °C
Humidityup to 90% RH, no condensation
Dimensions298 x 84 x 44 mm excluding microphone and preamplifier
Weight0.6 kg approximately, including microphone and preamplifier
Instrument Description
E&OE - specifications subject to change without notice.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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