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Metra KS76 Specifications


Metra KS76 Accelerometer

Metra KS76 - Accelerometer - IEPE type £ 4 a day *
OutputICP compatible
Piezo Design Shear
Voltage Sensitivity 5 mV/ms-2 ± 2%  ≈  50 mV/g - see calibration certificate  
Frequency Response 0.3 Hz .. 10 kHz - see calibration certificate
Residual Noise [20 .. 50 kHz] 0.8 mms-2   ≈  80 µg
Linear Range ± 1200 ms-2
Maximum operational shock (Peak)   5000 g
Constant Current Supply 2 to 20 mA
Output Bias Voltage 8 to 12 V
Resonant Frequency > 34 kHz
Transverse Sensitivity < 5 %
Operating Temperature Range -20 to 120 °C
Temperature Coefficient -0.16 %/K
Temperature Transient Sensitivity 0.08 ms-2/K
Magnetic Field Sensitivity 12 ms-2/T
Weight without cable 23 grams
Case Material Stainless Steel
Cable Connection Axial
Cable Connector Thread 10-32 UNF
Mounting Thread in base - M5
Recommended cable Low noise accelerometer type

Accessories : all in a plastic case with foam cut outs
001 Probe : attach the accelerometer via the M5 thread, press onto the test object perpendicularly - for estimating and trending measurements above 5 Hz and below 1000 Hz.
002 Adhesive Wax : For quick mounting of light sensors at room temperature and low acceleration. Roll wax in fingers to soften, smear thinly on test surface and press transducer onto the wax - using the DB 0765 cement stud avoids wax blocking the accelerometer thread.
004 Cable Clamps : If screwed onto the test object together with the accelerometer, it avoids any force introduced via the cable into the transducer.
006 Insulating Flange : with M5 threads and 'spanner'. Avoids earth loop problems, not recommended above 100 °C.
008 Mounting Magnet : with M5 mounting thread, suitable for fixing to a magnetic object with a smooth surface. If not available weld or epoxy a steel mounting pad to the test surface. For the best high frequency result apply a thin layer of silicon grease between the surfaces.
017 Cable Adaptor : BNC / 10-32 UNF
050 Cable : with 10-32 UNF plugs - 1.5 m long, 80 °C.
DB 0765 Cement Stud : 10-32 UNF thread - 14 mm Ø - on sale or return
QA 0013 Hexagon Key : for tightening 10-32 UNF studs
YQ 2960 Mounting Stud : 10-32 UNF thread, 12 mm long. This is the best fixing method and for the best high frequency performance. Apply a thin layer of silicon grease between the sensor and the test surface. Recommended torque = 1 Nm.
E&OE - specifications subject to change without notice.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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