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Bruel & Kjaer 4447 Specifications

Bruel & Kjaer 4447 Hand-arm Vibration Meter

The B&K 4447 has been withdrawn, the following information is for reference purposes only.

B&K 4447 : Human Vibration Meter - HAVS Assessment £ 24 a day *

Complies with the following National and International Standards

BS EN ISO 8041-2005 Technical specification
BS EN ISO 5349-2: 2001 Hand arm
BS ISO 2631-1: 1997 Whole body
BS EN 1032-2003: Mechanical vibration
EU Dir. 2002/44/EC

Supplied Accelerometer

Type: 4520-002
Sensitivity: 10 mV/g
Frequency: 2 Hz to 7 kHz

Seat Pad Accelerometer

- if included
Type: 4515-B-002 seat pad with type 4524-B triaxial accelerometer
Sensitivity: 100 mV/g
Frequency: 0.25 Hz to 900 Hz

Dynamic Range

The useful range of Type 4447 is from 3 mV to approx. 3.4 V (more than 60 dB)


Noise Level: < 3 mV
During high levels of RF airborne emission, noise level may increase


Simultaneous measurement of peak and rms vibration value for each channel

Frequency Weighting

Filters for frequency weightings are calculated in the time domain to conform to ISO 8041-2005, including filters Wh, Wd and Wg. Other frequency curves can be added on request


Sony Colour graphical display with a resolution of 124 x 124 pixels. Basic information regarding the instrument status is shown through icons, including: battery indicator; measurement status; run; pause; stop; input type; "U" as direct or voltage input or "OK" as DeltaTron input: Overload (OVL) or Short (SHT) circuit and real time or elapsed time.

Measuring Parameters

Measured parameters are selected according to the selected setup mode. The following parameters are measured and calculated during measurement: Time Averaged Weighted Acceleration Value (TAWAV); Maximum Transient Vibration (MTVV); Vibration Dose Value (VDV); Motion Sickness Vibration Dose (MSDV); running rms acceleration value

Shock Limits

Max. Shock: 5000 g
Higher shock values can be obtained by the use of dedicated shock accelerometers


64 KB or 750 measurements can be stored in non-volatile memory

USB Interface

Conforms to USB 2.0
Connector: Mini B


Real-time clock with calendar


Reference Vibration Value: 10 m/s
Reference Frequency: 159.2 Hz
Reference Electrical Level: 100 mV for 4515-B-002 and 10 mV for 4520


Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V, 2400mA. More than 3.5h continuous use at room temperature

Caution - the internal re-chargeable batteries only last 3 hours a day. If mains is available locally, this is not a problem.

Physical Dimensions

Size: 70 x 135 x 28 mm ( 2.7 x 5.3 x 1.1" )
Weight: 260 g ( 9.2 oz ) battery included
See also our main Hand Arm Vibration White Finger and Whole Body Vibration web page
E&OE - specifications subject to change without notice.
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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