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Bruel & Kjaer 4515-B-00 Triaxial Seat Pad for Whole Body Vibration

B&K 4515 Triaxial Seat Pad
B&K 4515-B-002 : Triaxial Seat Accelerometer - delivered with the B&K 4447 Whole Body Vibration Version  

The 4515-B-002 Triaxial Seat Pad Accelerometer with built-in 4524-B accelerometer is specially designed for the measurement of whole body vibration. It consists of a triaxial accelerometer housed in a semi-rigid nitrile rubber disc and complies with BS EN ISO 7096, BS ISO 2631 and BS EN 10326-1. It can be placed under a seated person, on a vibrating surface with a suitable weight on top, or strapped onto the body. It detects vibration in directions along the body, back-to-front, and side-by-side.

Field measurements of human whole body vibration
Test and measurement of passenger and work vehicles
Complies with BS ISO 2631, BS EN ISO 7096, and BS EN 10326-1
Removable triaxial accelerometer built into rubber pad
Low impedance output
High resolution : 100 mV/g
Exceptional lower limiting frequency

The built-in type 4524-B accelerometer is mounted inside the rubber pad by means of a clip facilitating easy removal for calibration and subsequent remounting. A 3-m integral cable terminating in a 4-pin Lemo plug for direct connection to a 4447 analyser is also included.

Type 4515-B has a DeltaTron® built-in preamplifier providing a low-impedance outputs. The sensitivity is expressed in voltage per unit acceleration - mV/m/s².

The OrthoShear® design used in Type 4515-B is built around a common seismic mass. This uni-mass design results in a very compact triaxial accelerometer with excellent low-frequency response. All the axes have the same point of reference and the design also ensures accurate and consistent measurements, even when the accelerometer is exposed to complex vibration patterns.

Prior to mounting the accelerometer in the rubber pad it is individually calibrated, providing an 800-point, high-resolution calibration (magnitude and phase) giving a unique characterisation and securing the integrity of the typical frequency response of the seat pad.

The sensitivity given in the calibration chart has been measured at 159.2 Hz with an acceleration of 100 m/s². For a 99.9% confidence level, the accuracy of the factory calibration is ± 2%.

B&K 4515-B-00 Specifications

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