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Vibrock Vibration Measurement Equipment Hire

Vibrock V901 Vibration Meter

On this page we list the Vibrock general purpose triaxial vibration monitors for PPV - Peak Particle Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement, VDV - Vibration Dose and other vibration logging surveys. Click a link for details

All our vibration meters, accelerometers etc., are delivered with current calibration certificates, traceable to UKAS.

Our ISO 9001 laboratory is audited by British Standards and we are Sponsor Members of the Institute of Acoustics.

Hire is the cost effective solution with overnight access to the latest and best instrumentation.

Vibrock : Instruments Daily Hire *
V901-1 : Vibration Monitor / Recorder - triaxial vibration measurements, continuous or event. £ 25
V901-2 : Vibration Monitor / Recorder - dual channel version + Whole Body Vibration [VDV] £ 33

Vibrock : Accessories Daily Hire *
V901-05 : V901 transducer extension cable   5 m £   2
V901-10 : V901 transducer extension cable  10 m £   3
V901-alm : V901 two stage audible alarm with 10 m cable and battery charger £   4
V901-mdm : V901 external GSM Modem, text vibration data directly to your phone £   5
V-PPV : Additional PPV transducer for V901-2, 1.2m long cable, triaxial £   8
V-RS232 : PC download cable - delivered with Vibrock download software  
V-sw : PC download software - with RS-232 cable, free with each hire **  

** If your PC does not support RS-232 you will need a USB ~ RS-232 adaptor available from your IT people or most PC shops.

See also : Hand Arm Vibration - HAVS instruments.

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options

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