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Sound and Vibration Instrument Hire and Calibration

Vibration Meter Hire


A range of certified vibration measurement and analysis equipment, supplied by the leading manufacturers.

This page deals with general vibration measurements
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B&K 2250 : Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Analyser £ 35 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Meter

The B&K 2250 Sound Analyser also measures Vibration if you add an accelerometer set.

The 2250 hand held meter has built-in engineering units so you can read directly in vibration units.
All our 2250s also include the BZ 7223 Frequency Software for vibration analysis in real time.
For narrow band vibration analysis see the BZ 7230 FFT version detailed below.
Vibration monitoring is also included using the BZ 7226 Recording/Signal Capture feature to an SD Card.
Delivered with a B&K 4370 Accelerometer Set, or a Metra KS76 unless you select an alternative from the same list.
We recommend you add a B&K 4294 Vibration Calibrator
B&K 2250 Sound and Vibration Meter Details
B&K 2250 : Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Analyser with FFT option £ 42 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Analyser

Vibration analysis based on the FFT - Fast Fourier Transform algorithm is the tool of choice for measurement and diagnostics of machinery noise and vibration.

The 2250 vibration analyser with the BZ 7230 FFT software has many narrow band features :-

Real time operation [no loss of data] up to 20 kHz.
100 up to 6400 lines giving a resolution down to 16 mHz
Linear and Exponential Averaging
Signal capture and recording
Engineering units, SI metric and UK imperial units
Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement .......

Plus Max hold, spectrum overlay, zoom, tachometer function, trigger, transient and continuous signals, RMS, PWR, PSD, ESD, Peak, P-P ...... etc., software also included for analysis, reporting and downloading to a PC.

Delivered with a B&K 4370 Accelerometer Set, or a Metra KS76 unless you select an alternative from the same list.

We recommend you add a B&K 4294 Vibration Calibrator, it provides a stable acceleration of 10 m/s2 at 159 Hz.

B&K 2250 FFT Analyser details
B&K 2511 : Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Meter  

The B&K 2511 has been withdrawn, the following information is for reference purposes.

Bruel & Kjaer 2511 Vibration Meter

Bruel & Kjaer battery operated vibration level meter with charge amplifier input, for measuring

Imperial & Metric units - RMS and TRUE PEAK-PEAK.

Ideal, for use, as a front-end, signal conditioning unit into FFT or other analysers, DAT recorders etc.

It also includes a 160 Hz reference signal to calibrate complete measurement systems

B&K 2511 Vibration Level Meter details

B&K 2537 : Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Severity Meter £ 13 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer 2537 Vibration Meter

Bruel & Kjaer 2537 hand held meter for measuring vibration in the workplace.

Suitable for general purpose and severe vibration measurements in the range 0.1 ms-2 to 3000 ms-2
Simultaneous RMS & Peak measurements with linear and Hand-arm Weightings
Calculates the daily Vibration Exposure levels based on short term measurements.
Meets BS EN ISO 5349 and 8041 Standard requirements.

Delivered with a 4505 accelerometer + a DB 3585 mounting bracket and nylon fixing ties for vibration white finger surveys

B&K 2537 Vibration Meter details and accessories

B&K 2635 : Charge Amplifier £ 12 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer 2635

Multi purpose, low noise charge amplifier and signal conditioning unit. Ideal vibration front-end for DAT recorders, analysers etc., with BNC output.

Frequency Range 0.2 Hz to 100 kHz with adjustable upper and lower frequency limits

internal oscillator for system calibration

B&K 2635 Charge Amplifier details
B&K 4294 : Bruel & Kjaer Vibration Calibrator - hand held £ 5 a day *
Bruel & Kjaer 4294 Vibration Calibrator
Battery operated for calibration of vibration measurement systems, accelerometers up to 70 grams in weight.
RMS Acceleration level of 10 ms-2
Velocity of 10 mm/s
Displacement level of 10 µm at 159.15 Hz
Accuracy ± 3 %

B&K 4294 Vibration Calibrator details

DI 2200 : Diagnostic Instruments - Dual Channel FFT Analyser  

The DI 2200 has been withdrawn, for FFT analysis please see the B&K 2250 FFT version above. The following information is for reference purposes only.

Diagnostic Instruments Vibration Analyser FFT - Fast Fourier Transform vibration analyser ideal for both analysis and acoustic source definition if two or more discrete tones are inside the same 1/3-octave band.
DC - 40 kHz in 10 ranges with engineering units and zoom
FFT with up to 1600 lines resolution
Frequency, Time Domain, Transfer Function measurements etc.
DC or AC coupled voltage inputs, plus IEPE accelerometer connection - both channels
Small battery operated

DI 2200 Analyser details

* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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