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NTi Audio : NetBox for XL2 Sound Level Meter

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NTi Audio : NetBox for XL2 Sound Level Meter £ 9 a day *

The NetBox connects the XL2 Sound Level Meter to the internet for unattended noise monitoring. It transfers the measurement data to the fully-managed NoiseScout Web Portal in real time or provides a secure access to the instrument via the NTi Audio Gateway.

The NoiseScout solution brings your XL2 noise measurement data to your web browser. The NetBox retrieves the noise levels from the XL2 and forwards them via 3G or LAN to the NoiseScout servers. All measurement levels are available online for live visualization and unattended monitoring with email alerts.
Alternatively the NetBox enables SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and remote COM port access to the XL2. The setup is plug-and-play. The recording of spectral data, 100 ms data logging, and event audio can be set up on the XL2. The resulting log files can then be retrieved remotely during a running measurement.
Secure 24/7 noise monitoring
3G and LAN Communication
NoiseScout provides automatic email alerts
Remote noise data collection (SFTP)
Plug-and-play solution
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.

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