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CEL 460 Noise Dosimeter - Sound Exposure Meter

CEL Noise Dosimeter

The CEL 460 has been superseded by the CEL 350/352 Dose Badges. The following information is for reference purposes.

CEL 460 : Noise Dosimeter  
Easy to use personal sound exposure meter - meets the Daily Noise Exposure - LEP,d requirements.
The microphone clips onto the lapel and the meter slips into the breast pocket to measure sound exposure.
Hire Package includes:-
The meter, a 1/4" microphone [CEL 6681] with lapel clip, a 1/4" calibration coupler and windshield, all in a small carrying case.
Also included is the CEL 6704 software with a download cable, for pre-programmed measurement setups and downloading the results to a PC, one set per hire. If you require extra copies, they are available at the list price.
We also hire Windows laptops loaded with the above PC software.
CEL 460 Specifications
* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.