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Sound and Vibration Instrument Hire and Calibration

Bruel & Kjaer 2236 Sound Level Meters

Bruel & Kjaer 2236 Sound Level Meter
B&K 2236B   Precision Sound Level Meter Hire £ 12 a day *

The B&K 2236 precision digital sound meters meet the stringent standards for both environmental and noise at work measurements - available for hire now

♦  Environmental Noise - Assessment - Monitoring - Complaints
♦  Noise at Work
♦  Noise reduction
♦  General purpose Class 1 precision sound level measurements


♦  A and C weightings
♦  Fast, Slow and Impulse Time Constants
♦  RMS and Peak simultaneous measurements
♦  Peak, Lmax, Lmin, Leq, SEL and 3 Ln Statistical Values
♦  Performs complete statistical analysis
♦  Levels may be Logged from 1 second up to hourly intervals
♦  Large non volatile memory
♦  Short term, long term and Noise Dose measurements
♦  Auto-start - enables unattended measurements
♦  Back-lit display
♦  DC and digital outputs
♦  Internal clock and calendar
Delivered with a 4188 microphone and windshield in a carrying case, together with calibration certificates for the meter, microphone and preamplifier. Please order any additional items required from the lists below.
B&K 2236 Manufacturer's Specifications
Sound level meters and particularly microphones are very susceptible to damp, so should not be used outside, unless protected.

Environmental Noise Kits

B&K 2236B Environmental Noise Kit - Class 1 £ 22 a day *
B&K 2236B Sound Level Meter - Class 1 
B&K UA 1404 Outdoor Microphone Kit 
GA 91E1-00 Outdoor Meter Enclosure with rechargeable batteries etc.,  
A B&K 4231 calibrator is highly recommended if you don't already have one - £ 3.

Noise at Work Kits

B&K 2236 Noise at Work Kit £ 17 a day *
B&K 2236B Sound Level Meter - Class 1 
B&K 4231Sound Calibrator - Class 1 
GA 80G1-00Tripod - adjustable 0.4 m to 1.45 m high, maximum load 5 kg 

Popular Accessories

B&K 4231Sound Calibrator - class 1
B&K 7815PC Software - Explorer
B&K 7820PC Software - Evaluator
B&K AO 0403Cable - 2236, 2238 and 2537 AC output to BNC
B&K AO 0560-D-030Cable - preamplifier extension or 2236 and 2238 meters,   3 m
B&K AO 0560-D-100Cable - preamplifier extension for 2236 and 2238 meters, 10 m
B&K UA 1404Outdoor Microphone Kit
B&K VP 7670BK Link for Windows
GA 51M2-C2DC Lead - 2-pin male to car battery clips
GA 80G1-00Meter stand 0.4 - 1.45 m high
GA 91E1-00Outdoor Meter Enclosure with rechargeable batteries etc.,
Davis Weather Station
Kestrel 2000Pocket Weather Meter
We also hire Windows XP laptops loaded with the above software.
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* Our standard hire charges are based on a 4-day minimum period, details other options.